8 Artists

8 Artists was a collaboration between emerging and established artists with and without disability to make new work for exhibition at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (17 May-14 July 2013). The artists collaborating were Wayne Emerson, Jeff McCann, Angela Coombs, Matthews Kellie Hulm, Vic McEwan, Scott Lea, Jacqui Meyers and Julia Davies.

Over 10 months the project was delivered in 4 phases; proposal, exchange, creation and exhibition. This funding was for the ‘exhibition’ phase, a 5 week residency at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery which allowed the artists time, space and support to finish their artworks and prepare for the exhibition.

The project provided the artists with paid employment, a process driven approach to generating new original artwork, a supportive professional environment to explore collaboration and art practice, skills development in presenting work for an exhibition, a beautiful and interesting exhibition in the main gallery space of the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, a catalogue and documentation of the artists’ work.

Image 1: Vic McEwan and Scott Lea, Remembrance Room, May-July 2013. Photo: Christopher Orchard ©
Image 2: Wayne Emerson and Jeff McCann Animals [detail] 2013 ©
Image 3: Angela Coombs Matthews and Kerrie Hulm, Facescape One [detail] 2013 ©

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