Regional Youth Support Services/Youth Arts Warehouse, Central Coast

The Impressability multimedia project empowered young people with disability to explore their identities through experimental mark making, photography, video and performance art. The project fostered the artistic ‘identity’ of the 12 participants and built artistic confidence.

Three professional artists working in residence – Gemma Garner (Performance Art), Angelo Kehagias (Digital Media) and Kiera O’Toole (Mark making and drawing) – conducted workshops for the participants to develop their visual language. The Impressability exhibition was shown at the Youth Arts Warehouse in Gosford from 5 to 14 July 2013 and at the Somers McDonnell Gallery in Gosford until 26 July 2013.

Watch seven videos from Impressability, including a collaborative performance with dancers from NAISDA – the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association

NAISDA performance art MARK MAKING – Darkened Light:

Bulgandry Site Excursion:



THE BRIDE: Siena Acquaro

THE QUEEN: Nicole Bracken

THE ARCHER Steven Wheatley

The Youth Arts Warehouse contains spaces for theatre, live bands and art exhibitions and a music recording studio for young people in the Central Coast region. Impressability was funded under Arts NSW’s 2013 Arts Funding Program.

Image of Alex Munday, photographed by fellow Impressability artist Tiana Fulcher ©

March, 2014 Impressibility Legacy