Unbard was a integrated performance and development project that culminated in two live theatre presentations in Sydney, at PACT Theatre in November 2012.

20 Sunnyfield artists participated in the Unbard theatre project, joined by three professional emerging artists. The project offered all of these artists to extend their skill set in performance making, integrated practice and production management.

For some of the Sunnyfield artists this was their first experience of theatre, making a self devised work, and being in front of an audience. This was an extraordinary breakthrough for some, with results noted from staff such as – improvement of general well being, increase in confidence levels, increase of level of social interaction, increase in language skills and communication.

Unbard also provided further development of five Sunnyfield artists and three emerging artists. With another set of creative workshops from  July to September 2013, a series of large paintings was created in collaboration with Sunnyfield artists, as well as a new short movement work – Open Sky Blue Door – inspired by the themes from Unbard.

Open Sky Blue Door featured the paintings as visual projections in the live work It was presented as part of Catalyst, hosted by Accessible Arts, and attended by over 200 arts and disability advocates, supporters, funding agencies and media on 15 September 2013 at Bangarra Theatre.

In addition Unbard was filmed as a documentary, featuring content from the creative process, interviews with cast and creative personnel and the subsequent PACT performances. It was screened as the first episode on Sunnyfield’s Arts and Disability community television platform, Unbard TV in Sept 2013.


Images courtesy of Sunnyfield disAbility Service (November 2012) ©

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